Sociology Dissertation Topics

The best way to finish your dissertation successfully is to prepare a strategic plan of conducting thorough research on the area of concern. Usually, the choice of topics for dissertations depends on personal preferences. However, with the need to choose the right topic, your ideas should align with what your advisors want you to write. Surprisingly, several students end up writing on topics that are far beyond or way below what the academic sphere needs. But this issue can be handled once students have a deeper understanding of what they need for their dissertation. Having a good experience helps you maneuver through several subfields and establish an accurate area; you can always direct your dissertation. This piece will cover a range of sociology topics you can include in your dissertation.

Cultural sociology dissertation topics

  • Analysis of the changing trends in high culture in the UK.
  • Comparison between the UK’s popular culture with that of recent years
  • The effects of the invasion of culture from immigrants on the UK’s moral standards
  • Analysis of the UK’s cultural lags
  • Establishing the changing features in the UK’s counterculture
  • Prevailing UK subcultures based on geographical grounds
  • Impact of sub-cultural social interactions

Sociology of education dissertation topics

  • The relationship between class performance and teacher motivation level in public institutions
  • Role of social guidance and counseling in schools
  • The impact of the institution’s environment on the perception of learners   
  • The view of public issues and individual problems as causes of failure among children  

Sociology of religion dissertation topics

  • The impact of socialization based on religious backgrounds on religious diffusion
  • Relationship between gender and sexual matters concerning various religions
  • The possibility of a relationship between social change and religion  
  • Analysis of religious institutions and the effects on the social structure
  • Examining the effects of religion on marriages
  • Understanding the link between education and religion as social institutions
  • The impact of religious norms and religious morals in bringing together UK society members
  • The view on separation of the public and private sphere  

Sociology of family and marriage dissertation topics

  • Analysis of family structure and size based on historical backgrounds
  • The effects of gradual social change in the structure of families.
  • The essence of living in nuclear family setups
  • Analysis of fertility rates over given periods  
  • The structure and impact of residential patterns in the UK
  • The individual view on family stratification and diversity
  • The effects of family domestic violence on children

Economic sociology dissertation topics

  • Comparison between capitalism and communism and their effects on the social hierarchy
  • Impact of the increasing international labor migration based on social backgrounds
  • Application of the communist model in the UK society  
  • The significant dimensions of consumer spending based on sociological backgrounds
  • Future economic planning

Sociology of crime and criminology dissertation topics

  • Causes of increasing knife crime
  • Significant dimensions of deviance in the UK setting
  • Possibility of abuse when reporting crimes
  • Analysis of government reforms and policies towards curbing crime
  • Causes of street gang fights
  • The view on punishment as the only way of ending crime
  • Victimology studies
  • Role of positivism in the control of crimes


Sociology is a niche with so many topics under various subtopics you can always consider writing dissertations. In this piece, various topics are covered, but you can still research many other topics on industrial niches, political niche, and much more.