The Best Renaissance Dissertation Subjects

One of the most intriguing periods in the history of humans includes the renaissance period. It featured the rebirth of different human aspects such as art, literature, architecture, among others, in uplifting the quality of life. As such, renaissance constitutes an inspiring area of research for college or university dissertation papers.

The main reason for its popularity lies in the countless areas a student can focus on analyzing for their research obligations. However, you can barely understand the context of a historical time without properly digging in into different publications written by diverse authors. Having a wide in-depth analysis of existing publications reduces the individual bias that authors can have thereby, allowing you to understand the situation objectively. It is an approach that most successful architects, sociologists, art history professionals, and historians commonly use.

With the renaissance period experiencing tremendous political, intellectual, scientific, and cultural development, you have to become spot on in picking and analyzing a subject with this theme. Therefore, you can consider the following to develop an excellent dissertation on Renaissance that will showcase your understanding and analytical ability of the period.

Best Dissertation Subjects on Renaissance

  • Comparison between a medieval and renaissance painting. It’s a broad subject with the ability to inspire everyone. All you have to do entails picking one favorite painting from each age (medieval and renaissance periods.) since it’s a dissertation, you can comfortably discuss the social setting that brought forth the paintings. Try and detail the inspiration behind every painting before discussing the features of each concerning the period of creation. Thereafter, progress to making a comparison between the two paintings.
  • Endeavor to make a criticism of a painting not well known. A lot of academic papers existing focus on famous art pieces, such as the Mona Lisa. But since you have advanced education, you should look for a topic that proves unusual and which lots of individuals haven’t thought about yet. It’s possible to get unique topic ideas from making popular museum trips either physically or virtually to pick a less obvious piece to focus on. You then have to do a background research in whatever item you pick and write about the previous owners, the life of the painter, and find existing relatives.  
  • The portrayal of the food culture during the renaissance period on paintings. Most individuals pursuing a Ph.D. often settle on serious looking subjects to impress the community of academia in their field. However, it should never become a rule as you can decide to focus on a fun subject such as food and their implication during the renaissance period. 
  • The outlook of a painter throughout different centuries. Here, it becomes crucial to again pick a painter that proves not too famous or common like Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Masaccio, etc. The painter you settle on should prove popular in their time but not widely known currently. You can then endeavor to explain their loss of popularity as centuries went by and the reasons for the decline.
  • Most dissertation papers can prove challenging to write, and therefore, picking a controversial, unusual, and interesting title can act as your silver bullet in slaying the work.


The popularity of the renaissance bodes well for any creative and intelligent PhD student. Pick some of the outlined topics to set yourself on course.