A Guide On How To Write A Great Dissertation Dedication

A dedication in dissertation is the section where a student uses a paragraph or sentences to dedicate their work or text. A student can dedicate this work as a way of recognizing a person that inspired them to attend college. They can also dedicate their text to a person that helped them throughout the writing process.

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Basically, dedicating your dissertation to a person shows that you honor them. It’s true that you have invested time and effort in your work. However, you should recognize individuals that influenced your writing process. Nevertheless, writing this section of a dissertation is not easy. That’s why many students use dissertation dedications examples to complete this section.

Pick a person

This is the most difficult aspect of writing this section of a dissertation. Selecting the person to dedicate this work to is not easy. Nevertheless, you can make this easier by thinking about the entire writing process. Who played a major role in ensuring that your dissertation writing process was successful? This can be different people including siblings and parents, your supervisor, a friend, or a colleague. Picking the person to dedicate this work to is generally a personal decision. To get ideas, read dissertation dedication examples.


Once you have chosen the person to dedicate your work to, it’s important to decide on the best way to identify them. This should depend on how you relate with them and your personal preferences. Identification varies from informal to formal. You can address the dedication to Mr. X, Dr. X, Father, Mother, My Sister, My Dad, or My friend. You can also use the first and last name of the person without a title. If you opt to be informal, use the nickname or first name of the person. Choose the dissertation dedication sample to use as your guide depending on the approach that you want to take.

Purpose of a Dedication

You may wonder why a dissertation dedication page is so important. Well, many people explain why they dedicate their work to the chosen person. This is extremely subjective and personal. Others opt to be funny in this section while some explain an experience that they have shared with the chosen person. Basically, the main purpose of this section is to show appreciation of a person that made writing a dissertation easier. You can use sample dissertation dedication quotes to see how people use this section to show appreciation.

It is very important that you keep this section of your paper concise and simple. Also make sure that your dedication of dissertation reflects your relationship with the chosen person and your personality. It’s also crucial to ensure that this section is edited alongside the other sections of the paper (you can use thesis help online for this purpose).